The New York State Appearance Enhancement Advisory Committee is comprised of up to 9 industry professionals who work on a volunteer basis with the NYS Dept. of State - Division of Licensing Services. Together, and often times working with other state agencies, they work to continuously improve the industry and raise the level of professionalism through policy & procedure updates, education, enforcement and communication.

To achieve this, Subcommittees are often formed to address specific needs. These Subcommittees are comprised of subject-area experts from our industry on a volunteer basis. Subcommittees currently seated include;

  • Appearance Enhancement Trends Subcommittee
  • Nail Specialty Practical Examination Redevelopment Subcommittee
  • Natural Hair Styling Subcommittee   
  • Esthetics Practical Examination Redevelopment Subcommittee 

If you're interested in serving on a Subcommittee, email Todd Garofano, Executive Director at [email protected]  

We will continue to advise our membership of news affecting them from the work done by the Advisory Committee and the Subcommittees.