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Salon and Spa Professionals of NYS will keep members up to date on all matters concerning the industry being contemplated at the Capital.  Your personal involvement is encouraged with communications to your local lawmakers to better inform these decision makers of potential impacts their actions (or non-actions) laws may have on our industry.

We have focused on advocacy with a unified voice from our membership to advance our profession for the benefit of all practicing their craft within the industry in New York State. We call on you to be attentive to legislative alerts when issued and respond accordingly. Let us know what your issues and challenges are. Together our voices are strong and clear.  



Bill No. - A10457 - Support legislation that would amend the general business law to mandate cosmetologists & barbers to complete 36 hours of continuing education (4 of which would be dedicated to domestic abuse awareness) during each 4-year license renewal period. This bill is still undergoing edits as to the required number of hours per renewal period, details of what types of continuing education would be eligible for credit and who/what entities would be authorized to deliver continuing education. For more information click on the Bill No. above. We would love your feedback! Please contact us with questions and/or comments.   

Bill No. - A6578 - Support legislation that would create Shampoo Assistant Certificate. Under current NYS licensing rules, one must be fully licensed in order to just perform shampoo services in a salon, spa or barbershop. This bill would allow an applicant who has completed a minimum of 500 hours of the required 1000 hours in an approved cosmetology course curriculum, in a duly licensed school, the opportunity to apply for such certificate. Full details, policies & restrictions are provided by clicking on the link to view the Bill. We would love your feedback on this as well. Please contact us with questions and/or comments. Download the Letter of Support, edit to make your own, sign and send to your Legislators.    


To find your legislator and for general state legislative information please visit or